KZEW Armadillo Festival - Fair Park 1975

Concert date: 
April 27, 1975

Birthday jam

The KZEW Armadillo festival occurred on my 13th birthday and I was present with my brother and some of his friends. During the Rusty Weir performance my brother and a female friend of his Rosanne convinced security and Rusty to perform a birthday song for me on stage. Rusty was very kind and performed one of his songs, I believe it was called Happy birthday Joe.
Any way that was a moment I will never forget and would love to see a picture of that if anyone has one.
Also later that day Freddie King was gracious enough to walk out into the crowd and find me to wish me a happy birthday,his exact words to me..."Happy birthday little man,keep on rockin!!"
Please if anyone has a photo of Rusty and I during his performance I would love to see them!!
Mark Harless

Photo's from this day....

I still would love to see any pictures that may be out there of the Rusty Weir performance from this day, but especially any that may have been taken while Rusty was singing to me for my birthday! Thanks in advance to anyone who may have some pics to share. Please post on here and let me know if you do!!! :)